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The SBA is the platform for all players of the building sector with the primary aime of making the Smart Home and the Smart Building in the Smart City a reality.

Il you want to become an SBA member alongside the Smart Building sector’s leaders and experts to:

  • learn about the issues and challenges of Smart Home, Smart Building and Smart City
  • take part in defining and setting-up baseline references, services and business models of the Smart Home and Smart Building
  • find out more and follow innovations in this fast-growing sector
  • build a network and interact with your peers as part of an association which makes collective and collaborative actions a priority
  • meet expert from business areas related to your own who have contributed to the development of Smart Home, Smart Building and Smart City

... then, the Smart Buildings Alliance for Smart Cities is designed for you!

If you want to join us and become a member of the association, please fill in the attached form.

Membership in the SBA is subject to various levels of registration : For more information, please consult our explanatory brochure.

Your application will be examined as soon as possible by the members of the SBA Board.

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